Essential Care+ is tailored to what your business needs


Protect+ is a fully customisable solution for IT service delivery.

Our experts will manage just your backups or your entire IT environment.

Get next-level cyber protection with 24/7 cyber threat hunting by highly trained experts – people, not AI.

Keep IT help close to hand with IT support coverage during business hours or 24/7.

Talk to us today about building your custom Protect+ package.

200 DAYS

… is the time it typically takes to detect a cyber attack

Protect+ with Tier 1 support gives you an expert threat hunting team who stop cyber attacks 24/7


Have a team of cyber threat hunting experts protecting your business 24/7

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Quickly resolve technology problems whether your doors are open or closed

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Do business better with industry-leading technology services

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Your business future involves change. technology is most likely going to be driving that change.

With it’s built-in flexibility, Protect+ readily accommodates any future evolution of your business.

Onboarding and annual technology reviews ensure your IT environment is always in sync with your business.


  • 24/7 cyber threat hunting option.
  • Next-gen security software for advanced protection.
  • Response to calls for help within 4 hours or 24 hours.
  • Add or remove services as business needs change.
  • Support coverage up to 24/7.
  • Quality IT services provided by leading IT companies.


Tier 1

24/7 remote help and 24/7 cyber threat hunting. 4 hour response time and PAYG onsite support.

Tier 2

Business hours remote help is included. Response time of within 24 hours and PAYG onsite support.

Tier 3

Keep a lid on your IT spend with PAYG remote and onsite help. Response time of within 24 hours.


Cyber attacks close down up to 60% of small businesses with a cost per attack of $39,000.

Minimise cyber risk in your business with Protect+

Have a cyber threat hunting team watching for and stopping cyber attacks on your business 24/7.

It’s affordable, is included with Protect+ Tier 1 and is an optional extra for other Protect+ support tiers.



A quick recovery from an IT problem means money and time saved, happy customers and productive staff.

To achieve that quick recovery you need fast, reliable, IT experts.

Such experts are available with Protect+

Help is there whenever you need it: during or after hours, even 24/7.


The technology you do business with today should contribute to your success.

During the Protect+ pre-onboarding review, we look at what is and isn’t working with your IT.

This helps identify the services we offer that will be of most benefit to your business.

With your input, we then build a custom Protect+ service package to meet your business’ unique needs.



Most businesses aren’t open 24/7, but their networks, servers and other valuable IT assets often are.

Googling your business will quickly tell anyone, including hackers, when you’re closed.

This is when they’ll strike.

24/7 threat hunting is how you minimise this risk.

A team of cybersecurity experts – actual people, not AI – watch over your IT and take action should an attack begin.

It’s budget-friendly and quick to setup.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Sure you can use Norton, McAfee and even free security software like Windows’ built-in Defender or Avast! to protect your business computers.

The trouble is you won’t know whether those apps are protecting your business or leaving it open to malicious attack.

There’s no central management portal, little or no reporting and certainly no integration with other security devices like a firewall.

These features are but a few that are built-in to the business-grade next-generation security software available with Protect+

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