We’re fast, reliable IT experts working across greater Sydney and beyond protecting business from cyber threats.

BIZC IT services are built upon a solid foundation of protection that integrates the latest protection technology into your business.

Can’t afford to wait for IT problems to be fixed? Get fast help from our IT experts with our Protect managed service.


Strong protection using the latest technology forms the backbone of our services.


Fast help from our IT experts is available during business hours or 24/7.


We supply business-grade IT products and can configure & install them for you too.


We work hard to protect our clients from cyber threats.

Clients benefit from our fast service and response times.

They also know the latest technology is protecting their business IT.

60% of small companies are out of business 6 months after a cyber attack.

It’s more important than ever for businesses to have a reliable partner focused on protecting them.

Support Management - BIZC IT
Software Maintenance - BIZC IT


BIZC IT offers 2 service streams: Protect and Protect+

Protect is a prepackaged bundle consisting of device, credential, data and email protection. Also included is uptime & productivity protection.

Protect+ is fully customisable for unique IT environments or where a bespoke solution is desirable.

Around-the-clock threat hunting by trained cyber security experts and 24/7 support is available with Protect+

Talk to us today about which service best suits your business.


BIZC IT’s project services can be engaged with or without a subscription to one of our managed services.

Talk to us about your plans for technology upgrades, business relocations or cloud migration.

We’ll analyse your specific needs, mapping out the steps required for successful delivery, then work with you to do exactly that – on time and within budget.

what our clients say

“We handle all types of plumbing work for home owners and renters in Sydney’s northern suburbs. We rely heavily on computers for job scheduling so we need them to be working at all times. If they’re not we need help fast. BIZC IT is always quick to respond to our calls for help. They fix any problems quickly and professionally.”

Lisa Stuart

Director @ Stuart Plumbing

“Like most finance industry businesses, to work efficiently we rely on technology. When things go wrong with our computers or when we need advice about something technology-related BIZC IT always responds quickly. They never keep us waiting long for help and their advice is always valuable”


Alex Veljancevski

Director @ Eventus Financial



“BIZC IT gets it done!”


Susan Farquhar

Managing Director @ Calla Property

“Our creative interior design work takes place almost wholly within software that we are comfortable and proficient in using. However, the computers that software is installed on can sometimes be a bit of a mystery to us, especially when they’re not working as they should be. The BIZC IT team solve those mysteries for us, in plain English. They make it easy to understand why something’s happening and what they’ll do to fix it. Highly recommended”


Jane Mahood

Director @ JMD Interiors



As a new client, we begin with a review of your existing IT environment.

Cybersecurity “gaps” and current IT pain points are identified and documented along with our recommendations.

The review pays attention to your people as well as your technology.


The services you’ve signed up for are activated, and any review recommendations you’ve approved are actioned.

Minimal disruption to your business is our primary concern.

We do everything possible to avoid any IT outages as we go.


All services may be online but we’re not done yet.

We’re hard at work protecting your business against cyber threats, preventing IT problems, and providing high quality support.

To complete onboarding, we’ll have a quick catchup to make sure you’re happy.